A website for Norma

Here it is, a website for Norma. You can also use the web address normacomic.com


So the site, it’s pretty much stitched together with whatever tutorials I could find on Google – took about a week!  I used to think I knew a little bit about coding, but as the years have gone on and technology changes… It turns out I know nothing at all. There are some things I would like to change still, it’s basically not mobile compatible at all on small screens such as phones.  But this is beyond my comprehension and I probably won’t mess with it further.  Instead I might make a scrolling version to post on Webtoons – but not for a long while, maybe when I have like a year’s worth of updates.  The site’s really basic and plain looking, but that’s okay with me.


The comic will be updating every 10 days.  Not because the art is overly complicated – it’s because I struggle to balance working on this with my other hobbies so this gives a little more time.  As much as I want to tell the story, I just don’t have it in me to draw every day anymore.  I can’t guarantee that I won’t miss weeks or take hiatuses but I would like this to be a long-term project that I will always come back to.


Please be aware that as a werewolf comic this will contain nudity, violence/gore/blood, death, and uncomfortable situations.  You have been warned.


Thank you for stopping by!